Did Jesus Exist?? Answer: Probably not.

This is a podcast that is definitely worth listening to. Richard Carrier talks about the flawed approaches and logic that has been used in attempting to answer this question.


3 thoughts on “Did Jesus Exist?? Answer: Probably not.

  1. paarsurrey says:

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    Paarsurrey says:

    I think there are two aspects to the question “Did Jesus Exist?”

    1. Did Jesus Christ son of Mary, just a human being exist?
    Even an Atheist, I think, cannot reply to it “Probably not”. Most probably such a person existed; history has no evidence that he did not exist.
    2. The other aspect; did Jesus Christ God Man son of Yahweh exist? Yes; it answer is correct “probably not”.


    • The evidence for Jesus as a historic figure is lacking and the major part in presuming he was a figure in history is due to Christian belief and a handful of documents. Many of these documents have numerous factual errors, inconsistencies, and were not written till several decades or more after the supposed death of Jesus.

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