Where do I even start?

There are at least three types of foolishness in this picture.


If I stare at it too long I get a headache.

So can you tell what is wrong with this picture?

Yes that is the sun on the top of the food pyramid. Yes it is next to a chart of the chakras AND a graphic of different substances and where they fall on the pH scale. I know, I know this is a lot of fuckery going on in one graphic. I mean, how does one go through life thinking that UV light is a “food group”?

Granted the way most Americans eat is pretty unhealthy but this pyramid is bogus. Some foods are more nutritious than others and some make even be linked to reduced risk for certain diseases but to gain the benefit of eating these foods they must be consumed as part of a balanced diet. Your digestive system doesn’t care about whether food is alive nor does it care about its pH balance when you consume it (generally speaking) only whether it contains the macromolecules your body needs to function. So about the only thing right with this pyramid is the shape. And sorry kids but eating these foods won’t turn on your chakras or enhance your extrasensory perception.

**I found this in a group that is dedicated to minority health issues and it routinely posts this type of misinformation. It would be easy to make fun of these individuals and call them stupid but honestly it makes me sad. I am sadden when I think about how broken our public education system is and how many are scientifically illiterate and unable to engage this material skeptically. **

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2 thoughts on “Where do I even start?

  1. Whisky Sage says:

    All it’s missing are crystals and some eye of newt.

  2. Alan Barysh says:

    Have you ever noticed how many vegan/vegetarians have serious mental health issues? They are always grumpy and tired (In my opinion) And have you taken a moment to look back at the rise of “Cultural Nationalism” The same time the Black Panther Party was on the scene you had Ron Karinga’s folks with their tofu/fruit juice dashikism politics dividing people. Oh and think about this as the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) was becoming more revolutionary and anti racist you had the rise of health foodism and vegetarianism and mystic cults like hari krishna and cult leaders like Tim “Acid King” Leary. Is it me or am I wrong

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