Sebi, The Snake-oil Salesman

If you have grandparents or older relatives, you are probably familiar with all the old clichés and sayings in the book, like, “there is nothing new under the sun”. It’s actually an old idiom that isn’t true for a number of things but is so accurate when it comes to others, like con-men, quacks, and charlatans. From the dawn of time there have been people who have used our vulnerabilities and biases against us to turn a profit. You can find these types everywhere but one on the most sinister places they hide is in the business of health and wellbeing. A thoroughly documented history of this can be seen in the United States prior to the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 that led to the eventual formation of the FDA. Many”medicines” contained a number of ingredients from cocaine, to toxic compounds, and oftentimes compounds that caused little to no effect at all. These “medicines” claimed to cure joint pain, venereal disease, or tuberculosis,while some claimed to be panaceas- cure-alls for every type of ailment there was. The salesmen of these products employed a number of propaganda techniques to attract people to their products. Many even concocted stories to give their products an exotic flavor. A little more than a century later nothing much has changed.

If any of this sounds bogus, then you are in for a real treat.

Everywhere you look today people are concerned about health and wellness. Television programs are covering the latest discoveries, commercials are selling you the latest gadgets or supplements, even our neighbors and friends like to let us in on little tips on how to get healthy. And everywhere there are men and women ready to profit from the ignorance, fear, and mistrust of an uninformed public. And among the most vulnerable of these people are minorities, specifically black people who have a troublesome history with medicine and science. This history is fraught with demoralizing, dehumanizing, and alarming episodes that resulted from a combination of unevolved ethical views and racial discrimination. This environment, unfortunately, is a breeding ground for misinformation, a lot of which may be dangerous.

And although not all the people who are promoting inaccurate information are intentionally trying to harm people, their actions still can and will cause harm if people don’t take the time to be skeptical and inform themselves. I know it seems counter intuitive because most people who attempt to give you advice concerning health are genuinely trying to be helpful, but unfortunately good intentions aren’t enough to support good health. And while, there are many good people looking to help you, there are as many, if not more,who are looking to fleece you as well. This brings me to “Dr.” Sebi.

30 years of practical experience... that amounts to practically nothing.

Who is he? According to his mythology biography, he’s a herbalist and purveyor of pseudoscience which he blends with paranoid conspiracy theories tinged with racial subtext. I call him Sebi because I refuse to preface his name with doctor- a title he hasn’t earned. According to his own website, he never even completed kindergarten. Although inexplicably he claims to have a degree in thermodynamics and to be an engineer. His website also says he has expertise in pathology and biochemistry. But despite his lack of credentials, he has convinced many people that he can almost any disease. Does that claim sound familiar?

It seems Sebi’s fame began during the 1980’s when the HIV epidemic was beginning to come to light. In the 1990’s Sebi was arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a license. During the trial Sebi brought several witnesses who testified to being cured of HIV by his treatments. In the end Sebi and his followers took his acquittal as vindication and proof of the effectiveness of his “treatments”. However, there are at least two problems with drawing this conclusion. The first problem is that the regulation of dietary supplements was then and still is a matter of debate. Contextually a number of quacks in the 80’s took advantage of the HIV epidemic to advertise and sell products that supposedly would cure or prevent HIV infection. These products ranged from injections with processed urine to vitamin regimens and other ineffective if not dangerous products. Many of these products contained heavy metals and other poisonous substances. Sebi like many others during that time were making claims that their products could prevent and cure disease, which constitutes a medical claim. Medical claims like all scientific claims must be substantiated with evidence and that evidence must be subjected to the scrutiny of the FDA (a lengthy process I will address in a future post). This introduces our second problem is that the scientific validity of a claim cannot be determined in a courtroom. Regardless of whether a judge was convinced by the testimony of patients of Sebi, a courtroom deals with matters of law and not science. And anecdotal evidence is insufficient in a scientific context for several reasons none the least of which is that people lie. But even when people do not purposely deceive others they are subject to self-delusion, telling stories in such a way as to highlight the parts they hope will be convincing and diminishing or omitting facts which may cause others to doubt our conclusions. This last part is one of the many reasons its difficult at this point to determine what happened in this case and whether the final verdict is really a victory as the followers of Sebi see it, or merely the result of a legal loophole (which I think is more likely), or some other unknown issue. Either way, Sebi has altered the way he markets his products, none make any references to curing or preventing any specific diseases. And like most supplements he markets them with vague descriptions of how they support the health of or “cleanse” various parts of the body. Vague descriptions should always raise red flags when your health is concerned.

Despite his arrest and trial Sebi has garnered a number of celebrity clients such as Steven Segal, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, and Michael Jackson. Sebi claims to have cured “Left Eye” of herpes, which is a serious ethical violation of patient confidentiality in the professional medical community, but is also unlikely to the point of being absurd. He also claimed to have cured Michael Jackson of his addiction to pain killers when he sued him for failing to pay him for services rendered- which were clearly ineffective. Use of celebrities as role models or authority figures is a technique used by many quacks and con artists to promote themselves and their products.

Many blogs and forum post praise and laud this man and his work to the extent that his exploits read like tall tales. Each testimonial seeking to out do the last. Meanwhile, there is no evidence that any of it has even a kernel of truth. From his teachings regarding science and the nature of disease, to his implausible and more importantly unsubstantiated claims about his products, Sebi offers nothing but distortions, overgeneralizations, and downright falsehoods. The more I listen to Sebi the more I think I’ve heard it all before and the more I think this man is more of a hack than a healer. Sebi is no different than the snake-oil and patent medicine salesmen of old. And I hope you will see what I mean when I delve into his claims more specifically.

A Skeptical Examination of Dr. Sebi’s Alleged Cure for AIDS

Response to Dr. Sebi’s Quackery from Dr. Robert J. Frascino

Defrauding the Desperate: Quackery and AIDS (1987)

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142 thoughts on “Sebi, The Snake-oil Salesman

  1. tiffany says:

    Well, I have to admit that there was a time when I thought “herbal” wa synonymous with “good medicine”. It could have been a deadly lesson.

    After my father passed away I had an awful bout with anxiety/depression & insomnia. I took 2 herbal extracts, kava kava & feverfew.

    I took the kava kava & noticed that the bottle said you could only take 10 drops of it per month. I decided to do a little lamen research. Well, come to find out that if taken on a regular basis, kava kava will cause liver damage. Something that wasnt listed on the bottle.

    While taking the feverfew it did take away my insomnia, it caused horrible migraines. I didnt know that the feverfew was the problem until I decided to do more lamen research. Come to find out it was a side effect. So, that’s $25 down the drain. But as my cousin says, I “just bought myself some sense.”

    The sad part is, I’m not the only one that thought herbal automatically meant “good medicine”. There are STILL many that think that.

    I know I am not a scientist or a medical professional. But it doesnt hurt to take the extra step to do a little research on what harm you may be doing to your body by being an “herbalist”…

  2. brent mosher says:

    I’ve never heard of this Sebi fellow. However, a lot could be said about the entire field of Naturopathy/Holistic Healing. I spent an unfortuanately tidy sum seeing a naturopath for two years and it was all complete quackery. There are Buddhist psychotherapists who wave there hands over your body claiming that they can re-align your “chi”. Unfortunately, many “legitimate” doctors are not much better, prescribing anti-depressants as the one and only “cure” for depression, or other drugs for medical reasons that are as harmful as the disease (I had skin problems on my youth, and was given Accutane, which tore the skin off my face and other parts of my body). I’m interested to learn more about the Sebi fellow, but would you consider doing an article about the frauds in the medical and spiritual fields in a more general way? Think Deepak Chopra…

    • I fully intend to address the frauds in the medical and spiritual fields in a more general way but I feel that given the popularity of Sebi amongst minorities that he and others often get overlooked in the larger skeptical community. So in the meantime I will use him and a few others as examples of what is wrong with these quacks in naturopathy/holistic healing. Deepak’s day is coming.

      • okinolofa@gmail.con says:

        On what basis do you make all your contrary claim against Dr. Sebi. Did you try his medications/herbs at all or you are just the high intellectual that we have to trust you and distrust him. For all I know someone could have “sponsored” this your writing. I have reap world genius like says sugar is bad and I went for their alternative Splenda boy did I learn my lesson. I have no good reason to trust Dr. Sebi but why should I trust you over him. Where is your prove besides all your conjectures.

      • Dear unoriginal commenter,
        To answer your incorrectly punctuated question, I make them on the basis that he has never proven his claims scientifically. As I have stated multiple times in the comments section, Sebi makes claims that are unverifiable at best and proven false by science at worst. I am not sponsored by any pharmaceutical company or other entity. I am simply a concerned citizen. The question should be where is his proof?

  3. Well stated… good job. I remember before my generalized anxiety disorder turned into a full-fledged panic disorder I tried a bunch of alledged, organic herbal remedies. Valerian root, Passionflower, Blue Lotus… Suffice to say, the shit did absolutely nothing. On the plus side, I’m sure it also caused zero side-effects, but yeah… totally ineffective. I’m gonna stick with with my doctor prescribed anti-anxiety meds which actually do help in the event of a panic attack.

  4. […] Sebi, The Snakeoil Salesman ( […]

    • Christophercrk@ says:

      You people have serious mental problems.dr sebi could possibly be one of the greatest healers of all time.

      • Lol. That is a remote possibility. So remote as to be impossible.

      • Care to share some evidence?

      • Nathan says:

        I find it ironic that so many worshipers of woo have such strong opinions about subjects they don’t understand in the slightest. I used to buy into all sorts of various New Agey and hippie-dippie feel-good woo until I went to university and majored in chemistry. Rather than being told “what” to think, I was taught “how” to think critically and not to come to any concrete conclusion bc science proves nothing.

        The purpose of an experiment is actually just the opposite; to falsify one’s hypothesis in an attempt to minimize personal bias. Science does not “prove” anything, but it does gather supporting evidence for what it claims and a scientist’s reputation is worth maintaining bc that is how they stay employed. Researchers generally become researchers bc they want to make the world a better place and they get paid squat to do it while private corporation reap the benefits from many of their ideas and research. Research funding and lab space is highly competitive and there are many other scientists just waiting to fill your space so if you are able to get pseudoscience past the peer-review process and are publicly called out on it when other scientists review your research, you will have a very hard time getting funding or lab space in the future, let alone published which essentially means you will be out of a job. If there truly was evidence of a panacea for all cancer or that research on GMO’s to date showed them to be unhealthy for the planet or humans, with the hundreds of thousands of researchers involved in this worldwide, there would be no way it could be kept secret as it would totally make the career of an under-paid researcher and guarantee them a job for life in their own research facility full of labs. In other words, it would be impossible to keep any such evidence a secret. If New Agers would even read scientific journals, they would see that treatments for all sorts of ailments are making advances and improvements. There is no conspiracy to keep any of this quiet and a secret, at least not from academics who would be happy to expose a corporation trying to promote pseudoscience bc these researchers are people like you and me who want to make the world a better place and cannot profit from their research.

        While science isn’t perfect, its checks and balances makes it much more reliable than the various purveyors of woo who have to concoct all sorts of BS conspiracy theories to support why their message is being suppressed. If their claims were half-legitimate, it might make sense, but to anyone educated in how to evaluate and discern information for reliability, it is obvious that these people are complete frauds out to exploit ignorant gullibles.

        I find it ironic that New Agey types like to believe that they are sooo open-minded, but only to non-conventional agendas. The majority seem perfectly content to stay stubbornly ignorant in the safety of their delusional fantasies. These folks feel validated that there is a conspiracy against them bc critical thinkers challenge their myopic fanatical delusion thus giving them personal importance and value bc they are “fighting” the system that is trying to dumb everyone down. But they don’t realize that they are just ignorant as can be and pretentiously become fanatically opinionated about subjects they don’t really understand. They are all such close-minded, ignorant and delusional hypocrites, despite their good intentions. It is much easier to watch some pseudo-documentary than learn real science. I have done virtually an about face from all the New Agey Hippie bullshit I used to believe in on my way to pursuing a PhD in neurochemistry.

        I encourage people not to believe a single word that I say bc it is all anecdotal and worthless. If people really wish how to discern and easily spot pseudoscience, my favorite bloggers are the Skeptical Raptor and The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe. The difference between good scientists and the New Agey woo types is that scientists are not so emotionally attached to ideas or concepts and depend on reliable data rather than attachment to their beliefs for the Truth, interpreted as the most reliable position of what the data supports to date with the knowledge that future data may alter it.

  5. Khandra says:

    I am so glad I came across this post because Sebi seems to be really popular in The Bahamas right now. I’ve told family members several times that he’s a quack just from the ridiculous claims I’ve heard advertised for his seminars when I’m visiting but I’ve never bothered to investigate him any further. I will definitely be passing this post on.

  6. shaw says:

    I’m glad I was skeptical, I listened to a lot of so-called lectures and the more I listened there was no science to back up claims. As a matter of fact he refuted science.

  7. Tiffany says:

    Not sure about others but my experience with my holistic dr seems to be different. My dr doesnt reject traditional medicine. And he has given me prescribed medication. He does do a psychiatric session before the exam to determine areas of stress that may affect illness. His instinct isnt to jump immediately to a prescribed med but that is bc he finds cheaper alternatives such as otc meds taken in slightly larger quantities. He also is a huge advocate of diet and exercise as a preventative measure. I wouldnt want a dr that rejected traditional medicine. And often times when ppl complain about traditional drs it’s that particular dr. I had a similar distrust of a traditional dr. But it was his bedside manner, his approach to treatment without addressing any of my concerns and at that clinic i never saw the same face twice. I went to a new dr in private practice who works in traditional medicine and i LOVE him. He is more personable and listens to my concerns.

    • Well the first problem is Sebi isn’t a doctor. The second things to know is that traditional medicine is notes as effective as modern medicine. Modern medicine is built on a scientific foundation which notes only figures out which treatments work but zeros in on why they work. As I said there is something to be said for diet and exercise but there is no such thing as electric food. And alkaline diets don’t cure disease. But more importantly there is no evidence Sebi cures anything either.

  8. Tiffany says:

    No, no, no. I wasn’t defending Sebi. I feel that he is a quack and a racist. I am not sure what “electric food” is… wth? LOL! And I guess I sb using the term “modern medicine” gotcha on that. I actually spent a lot of money looking for ways to cure my father’s cancer. I bought a book that stated that an alkaline diet can reverse the effects of STAGE 4 cancer. Well, I found out that wasn’t true. Logic didn’t play into the equation bc I would have paid ANYTHING to keep my father alive. I was wrought with emotion. And, that, is the reason why I feel Sebi and ppl like him are scum of the earth. They KNOW that ppl will react this way when confronted with their own death or the death of a loved one. My holistic dr doesn’t subscribe to Sebi or any of his “colleagues”. But I have never been to another holistic dr before so maybe his methods are not the norm??? I am not sure. But I wouldn’t go to a dr that rejects modern medicine. If you are a REAL dr I am not sure how you could reject it… although I know that has happened. Also, readin this blog again and talking to a friend who is a Sebi supporter prompted me to do a little research. You have to be skeptical of a “dr” that has nothing to support what he says… with the exception of poor quality youtube vids. My friend is also a supporter of Sebi’s “collegues” Laila Afrika and Jewell Pookrum…. They sound just as ridiculous. Pookrum focuses on melanin. She claims that white ppl study melanin and secretly use it as a cure for AIDS. What in the blue hell??????????

  9. Servent of life. says:

    so many stupid people in one article, is there anyone with brains in here? the man gives you evidence that you can take to court showing he heals aids, but that’s not enough i guess, cause the point of your stupidity is not to heal people, but to feed your ego the illusion your smart, when in fact, your not reaching the dirt under his nails when it comes to healing people.

    if he was a quack he was sued long ago by the people who went to his healing village.

    i see that in your fantasy books, they do not require you to use your logic, just your empty head, “fill it up with ideas and words and off you go, go slay all the demons in the name of your lord all mighty western philosophy/science (not the real science).

    but what does it matter you will delete this post anyway wont you?

    will copy this for future Facebook disinformation agent exposing.

    • Well if there is anyone with brains here, it isn’t you. Here is a scanned copy of an article concerning Sebi’s trial:

      He was charged with practicing medicine without a license his supposed “cures” were not the focus of the trial. Nor could they have been because courts cannot decide the efficacy of a product only science can prove that.

      The point of this is to expose people who take advantage of and spread misinformation in the black community-period. There simply is no evidence to substantiate his claims. There is no evidence he has healed anyone. And personal anecdotes are not evidence because people lie, make false attributions, confabulated, etc.

      And just because there haven’t been many people who have attempted to sue him does not mean his methods are therefore, effective.

      Lol@ “the real science”. The real science is the one that yields reliable information. Sebi doesn’t use that. He uses long discarded pseudoscientific beliefs. You and Sebi live in the fantasy world not me.

      Lol @ that disinformation agent nonsense. Ahhhh the life of a conspiracy theorist is never boring is it? It’s like one long version of “Enemy of the State”.

      • state88 says:

        I’m curious to the point to expose those who take advantage of people with misinformation or slander Sebi’s name? You claim he has no factual or evidence of his claims of healing..but tell me, what facts do you have to support your claim he is a fraud?

      • Clearly I am exposing people who take advantage of people through misinformation and ineffective products. Seeing as nothing I have said qualifies as slander. I provided a great deal of evidence that Sebi’s claims are not just unsupported but demonstrably false in many cases. Perhaps, you should read the post again.

    • Oh and it’s servant. Moron!

  10. Guru3 says:

    Why don’t you interview him or his assistants and see what he/they have to say? Just go to the source and ask the man. Pretty simple to me. Peace.

    • That assumes he’d want to be interviewed by someone concerning evidence of his methods. Why doesn’t he just publish his work like any real scientist or doctor would with any medical breakthrough? Sounds pretty simple to me.

      • Tiffany says:

        Why don’t his supporters interview him or produce evidence of his medical “cures”? If he cured AIDS as he claimed there sb PLENTY of evidence to support that. Or did the white man take it from him?

  11. eric says:

    I know people personally who have been helped by Dr. Sebi. I am one of them myself. There seems to be a lot of misinformation about him and if people would just research for themselves, they’d know that what he’s saying regarding traditional medicine, melanin, protein, vitamins, mucus, minerals, and hybrid foods is all true. Even other doctors are mentioning it as well. For those who don’t know what electric food is, its simply food that is alkaline as opposed to acidic in its digested form. Alkaline food has a positive and negative charge, acidic food doesn’t and it a direct cause of most disease. In addition, Sebi’s philosophy on food is based in scriptures in Genesis, Ezekiel, and Revelation where “herbs are for the healing of the nation” is expressed. So those who seek to ridicule or insult him are doinmg the same to biblical principles as well. I’ve taken Sebi’s sea moss and Viento pills. If you wanna know the effects (and they were ALL positive) let me know.

    • If you have studies I am open. But otherwise you are singing the same lame tune as all Sebi supporters who are anti science and uninformed about biology and health. The one providing misinformation is Sebi. His understanding of melanin, food, and disease is false and based on archaic beliefs that have long been disproven.the fact that his beliefs are based on the bible makes them more likely to be untrue. The bible contains many inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and forgeries. It is hardly a source for factual information on…well, anything.

    • alex says:

      thanks for sharing please kindly tell me what the sea moss and viento pills do to your body

    • anarchist1871 says:

      “Sebi’s philosophy on food is based in scriptures in Genesis, Ezekiel, and Revelation…”

      That should be enough reason for anyone to run away! 😀

  12. Cobra says:

    I just want to say that whether you agree with this or not, the author is obviously willing to change her stance given the right evidence. Hop up off her jock! And whether you believe in Sebi or not, she doesn’t, and she is obviously trying to help people as best as she can coming from the standpoint she does. I am neither pro nor con. I am anti-FDA and anti-quack, and as such, I would also like to see documentation. I am not in complete doubt, but it can’t be argued against that a healthy dose of skepticism is just that- healthy. We are all human, and if Sebi’s methods DO work, please do provide evidence because if it IS true, I feel that you may have an obligation to convince people. Sorry if it hurts your feelings, but convincing based on words isn’t going to do it for me. But if you DO have ACTUAL evidence that it cures… then you’re just holding out a cure for the others around the world that has AIDS, etc. If anyone reading this goes to Sebi- GET DOCUMENTATION! That’s going to help your case a hell of a lot better than just telling us how great he is. That being said, I hope this comment finds everyone in the best of health! 😀 But seriously- please?! Documents? It’s like UFO’s… but I suppose there are people who would be calling me an idiot for not just blindly believing in that, either-

  13. GoodGood says:

    Don’t need to prove anything to anybody, or any studies for that matter. Sebi speaks the truth and through my experience he’s the real deal. If people don’t agree then that’s their choice, but he speaks the truth and his products contain a great blend of herbs to heal the body. If anyone reading this questions Sebi’s knowledge or products because of this article I encourage you to experiment for yourself with the things Sebi speaks of such as an alkaline diet and herbs used for healing. Please don’t listen to anyone not even me, find your own truth.

    • You are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts. Either his methods work and can be demonstrated to do so or they can’t.

      • Pizon says:

        FDA makes it so you can not say something cures something they control the whole circle doctors medicine hospital cures in the world. MONEY.POWER. Some people cured and doctors have no scientific reason how. So no proof. Not every medicine works on everyone. SCIENCE doesn’t explain everything. FAITH. I try not to be narrow minded. Even a kid can give insightful words. A drunk can say lots of drinking is bad for you. Although there is evidence it’s not good. Not everyone die of liver damage. Anyway if it works for some that’s good. Chemo and Radiation track record in my view is not good. as much research and documents done. Medicine only wants to manage. They want total umbrella. there should be at least 2 or 3 different agencies not a FDA monopoly. CHOICES. Because one doesn’t like it that shouldn’t govern the others decision. Not talking about every area like people don’t want stitches or antibiotics, eg. to save a child because they don’t believe. ( I don’t want to get to deep). The more we know the more we find we don’t know. If its a chance to help and not hurt who cares who gets the credit.
        It seems you have it out for him and or like him like you had a bad experience. Some people feel if they helped one person that was good. Like here, if you got one persons attention . I wish you all the best. Keep people thinking and on there toes. If you have to make a decision I am sure it will be informed.

      • Faith is not proof. And though the FDA is not perfect, we still have evidence that we can rely upon. Science of course cannot explain everything but it is the best method we have for obtaining information about the natural world. It actually explains a great deal, even though religion has had a considerable head start. Smh @ offering your uneducated opinion on radiation and chemotherapy. It does actually increase the chances of survival of many patients depending on the type and stage of cancer they have.

        And medicine does a lot more than manage, it increases lifespans, it reduces mortality of many diseases, etc. I don’t know the man so I don’t have it out for him. I just know he is not telling the truth about health and healthcare. I know that he is selling false hope and false cures.

    • Pizon says:

      GoodGood I feel the same way. find out the truth for your self. I feel even if it didn’t work for me but for others doesn’t mean it’s a lie. Even if someone doesn’t have documents doesn’t mean a thing is a fraud. People go to other countries to get healed because of the monopoly America wants every Nation to follow. How can anything get discovered or fixed if everyone has to do it one way.
      I read most of the post but I haven’t come across anything that gives Her sound ground. Is she a doctor, scientist, done extensive study in some area. Does in earlier post she has proof that these things never happen to anyone. What makes what she is saying any stronger then the person she is opposing. I missed the post where she said she tried numerous times to call, write, or go to his office for a interview. Their are other people there. She even tells a person(mother) that says, it worked for them. She say’s she doubts them show her their records LOL right. At first I thought wow. Then I thought why she has it out for this person. I haven’t heard one good thing. Hey he looks good and speaks ok for a uneducated guy his age (funny). Side note: I believe in the Holy Bible !
      I am not saying what he does is a blanket for everyone. Medicine can be very trial and error with all of their documents as well. Not to mention suppressed, omitted, and paid off(maybe) info on bad medicine that FDA recalls later. Insurance companies can’t wait to spend money helping people (right). Of course they have a monopoly and power and MONEY to do and convince and disclaim on a mass level then any Industry ! If anyone can sell a lot of snake oil its BIG PHARMA don’t be fooled! Say anyone work for doctors big pharmacy hospitals or fda etc., here (hint)
      One thing for sure she got a few people talking. Wishing her and everyone here all the best life has to offer. Lets Keep Talking .

      • I’m not sure if you all are familiar with the concept of objective reality. But either a thing can be demonstrated or it cannot. If it cannot be demonstrated it is unlikely to be true. Int he case of Sebi his premises are flawed based on several hundred years of information on human physiology alone. But beyond that he has never proven his methods. Scientists unlike charlatans publish their results and open themselves up to critique. Because if your discovery is true it will hold up to subsequent investigation and inquiry. Charlatans are loathe to publish because they don’t want to be found out so they have to hide their lack of evidence behind excuses and mystery.

        I have a background in science and I am published. But none of that has anything to do with whether Sebi’s claims are proven. And btw I have called and emailed his office for information which they have never sent.The bottom line is where is his evidence?

  14. Ato Zizimo says:

    people like nevr seem to know when to admit when you are wrong.. Dr. Sebi won a court battle against the FDA and you conclude the court decision is somewhat fake. That science remains the ultimate god to rule on Dr. Sebis cures. You forget to critisize the judge for not ordering a scientific report on Dr. Sebis herbs. You forget to critisize the FDA for not being ready for this court. Did the FDA really forget ask the court to seek Dr. Sebis herbs to be scientifically proven. Yes the FDA. You would think the FDA would appeal this loss to an unlearned man to an higher court for further redress. And the FDA did not? My opinion? Your quack is quackless

    • He won his case against the FDA which was about whether or not he was practicing medicine not about whether he cured HIV. The prosecutors failed to establish that he was practicing medicine. No matter what the hype you are sold by Sebi supporters courts cannot determine whether something is true based on scientific evidence. Courts are interested in either criminal or civil actions not adjudicating science. They have neither the expertise nor the means to determine what is or is not fact based on science.

      • Pizon says:





      • I don’t personally dislike the man. I don’t know him but I dislike him on the basis that he spreads informations and sells products that mislead people for profit. I dislike him the same way I dislike many other charlatans like Mike Adams of, or Llaila Afrika, or many others who spread false and unscientific information. You are making assertions without proof. The FDA will allow clinical trials for products that have been properly tested. Again Sebi says he has done research but there is nothing stopping him from patenting and publishing. He chooses not to because if he did so he would be revealed for the con-man that he is. I would try alternatives that have evidence to suggest they would work. I would not go and try out unverified herbs or treatments. I don’t know the man personally. I am sure he is very affable-most con-man are. You are clearly not a scientist. Lol

    • reginald says:

      i have yet to see anything related to “common sense.” i base what i believe on what i feel. most all FDA approved drugs have a “herbal” or natural plant base or in them. i too am uneducated (traditionally) but that does not mean i cannot discern sense from senseless. everything you intake your mouth goes through your liver. aspirin, tylenol, and any other FDA approved drugs. common sense to me says it is all about money, money, and more money. grand theft profits in america for what? snake oil products but, they are approved. very few if any people i know that have taken chemo therapy have lived or lived for any reasonable time. of course, there are always rule exceptions, always. my point is, the bible, best selling book in the world has many parables even an atheist can use. first of all “know thyself.” didn’t say go to school to learn thyself. what i see is too much “somebody said so and NOBODY said no.” is history not littered with untruths that are accepted?

      • “i have yet to see anything related to “common sense”. i base what i believe on what i feel.”

        And that is the problem.

        Common sense is just another word for intuition. Common sense is notoriously faulty. Common sense might for instance mislead you to believe that a rock falls faster that a feather because it weighs more but in actually the friction a feather encounters as it falls through the air slows it down. That is just one of many examples of how common sense, which isn’t even common but is influenced by culture and education for example, fails us. The best way to understand anything with respect to the natural world is evidence.

        “common sense to me says it is all about money, money, and more money. grand theft profits in america for what? ”

        So pharmaceutical companies are all about money but Sebi isn’t? This is Sebi’s house>>>
        While it is true that no one makes anything let alone drugs for nothing that does not mean that they are not effective at treating disease or that science based medicine is not the best method for dealing with disease. I would take time to tell you about the process by which a drug becomes approved and the pharmaceutical model and how it operates. But like you said you only believe what you feel and since you don’t like bothersome things like facts, it would only be a waste of my time.

        Which products are you referring to as snake oil? You don’t specify so you are making a sweeping generalization about something which you obviously know nothing about.

        “very few if any people i know that have taken chemo therapy have lived or lived for any reasonable time.”

        That might be because they had cancer! Cancer is often fatal.

        Now for that bible crap…
        The fact that the bible is a bestseller does not mean that it is true or that it is the best source of information (or morality for that matter). First, the bible doesn’t say “know thyself” anywhere but it does say “lean not unto thy own understanding”. And where the bible has offered us illogical belief and things that are demonstrably false, science has generated much more in the way of knowledge than the bible ever could. It is certainly a better means of “knowing thyself” particularly where the human body and its physiology are concerned.

      • anarchist1871 says:

  15. fojap says:

    I see you’ve gotten quite a bit of push back on this post, so I just wanted to take the time to say something supportive. It’s important to speak out on these subjects. There are a lot of both charlatans and self-deluded gurus out there in the health and “wellness” areas. The shoddy quality of some of the reporting bothers me a lot. So, let me give you a thumbs-up for taking the time to write about it.

  16. derrick says:

    I have also been cured by Dr. Usha, I’ve read your responses Rhoades to Reality, however, what have you offered these people but your own opinions. What research have you done to find out if this man is a fraud? Absolutely nothing, yet you are the journalistic equivalent to a snake oil salesman. I had what was known as a pseudo Tumor over my left eye, whereas i could not see. Which was a bi-product from three Antibiotic therapies. They had no real medication for me, the one, MAN-MADE product they gave me made me ill to the point I could not work. I heard about Dr. Usha when he had an office here in Chicago. After taking the products. in 6 days, i could see again. No I had stopped taking the man-made medication too! Like you said you heard MANY people testify of this man. YET probably because he is also “BLACK” he has to be a scammer. My Old grandfather had this same mentality about his own people. Sort of like Uncle Ruckus or the Samuel L. Jackson’s character from Django. Before you write a TABLOID type article for your own ego. First do the research of a person before you do the “CRABS-IN-A-BARREL” routine of pulling us down! IGNORANCE should not advanced because one has a pen in their hand…

    • Where is the evidence? What you are offering is a testimony not facts. I am a scientist and I have a background in biology. That is what qualifies me to discuss the falsehoods Sebi promotes with regard to health. Even if I were to believe your story on the strength of your word alone there are alternative explanations that you have not ruled out. Including the fact that medications aren’t magic, they take time to work. By the time you began taking the herbs and stopped taking the drugs, the medications might have had the desired effect. The timing alone cannot be used to justify a causal relationship. It has nothing to do with Sebi being black. A number of scientists I admire are black . So miss me with that. And I write about white supremacy on my blog . So it isn’t color which determines my perspective. It is evidence. You have none and neither does he. Smh @ this idiot.

  17. J. Stephenson says:

    The author here says that Dr. Seibi violated patient confidentiality by discussing how he cured Lisa Lopez of herpes. But I thought that Dr. Seibi was not a real doctor. If he’s not a licensed doctor, or he’s not recognized as such by the law, then how can he violate doctor-patient confidentiality? Also, if I’m not mistaken, if Lisa gave consent for her information to be shared, then legally the information can be shared; it’s her call, whether the doctor is real or not.

    And since Lisa was working with Dr. Seibi so closely until her passing, I’m sure he had her consent. I don’t know if I actually agree with everything Dr, Sebi says. I’m skeptical. But I do believe there are many uncured diseases that have a readily-available cure, but the economic and political agendas at play delay the information to the general public.

    • What I actually wrote was: “Despite his arrest and trial Sebi has garnered a number of celebrity clients such as Steven Segal, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, and Michael Jackson. Sebi claims to have cured “Left Eye” of herpes, which is a serious ethical violation of patient confidentiality in the professional medical community, but is also unlikely to the point of being absurd.”

      It is a serious ethical violation of patient confidentiality in the professional medical community, of which Sebi is not apart. There still is a certain level of confidentiality and ethics which many so called “holistic” and “alternative medicine” providers utilize when dealing with their clients. There is a certain expectation of privacy and professionalism that most people expect when seeking services related to their health or other personal matters. But what it also illustrates is that while Sebi has no problem detailing aspects of some of his high-profile clients medical issues (even at the risk of embarassing them) he is unwilling to provide substantive evidence that his “treatments” are effective. I find that interesting.

      Now you are assuming the she gave permission to him to reveal that he supposedly cured her of herpes. But to my knowledge she never revealed that publicly in her interviews where she discussed Sebi. IF I am wrong and she consented then clearly he is right to discuss her medical history but if he is so willing to put forth what is otherwise private information about a person’s illness then why is he unwilling to provide evidence for their supposed “healing” via his products?

      Yeah, I can’t address that conspiratorial crap you put forth without sufficient evidence.

      • Clairvoyant says:

        I had the opportunity of visiting Sebis Healing Village, and after two rounds of the games played by the staff and Sebi, I am left in the loop of never ending excuses. This had led me to do more research and I have to honestly state, “I feel taken advantage of”. The woman in charge of his LA office clearly told me that me deciding to seek out Sebis practice was completely EXPERIMENTAL! I need to know why that isn’t mentioned on the website or even stated when you speak with employees for hours on end before taking payments from people? Abd I can testify that there is no so called patient confidentiality there.

      • If you wouldn’t mind I would like to ask you more about some of your experiences with “Dr.” Sebi. It is up to you. I promise I would only reveal what you would allow me to and to keep your identity safe. It would be nice to have your story on record, I suspect there are many more who have had your experience but may be too embarrassed or scared to come forward. Thank you again for your comment and if you would like to reach me email

  18. Ive read and read and Ive finally made it to the bottom of this blog. This is what i have to say… The people need hope when the facts and cures arent affordable or reachable to them through science. Society can not aford all the medicines and prescriptions science has to offer much less consultations from expensive doctors so the holistic approach is all some people have. Clearly you are adamant about proof but the proof is all around you. It seems that you want someone to reach out to you and give you their medical history and their whole story then drop it on your lap in a manila folder with FDA stamped on it… if thats what you want then good luck, lol. All of the comments and bloggers above have valid points, they are all different people w their own pov but its not your pov. Your pov is solely reliant on what others have to say about dr.sebi. have you conducted any research in your lab or kitchen? you studied biology but are you working on a tonic or solution that can be tried? are you a doctor or nurse in study? are you interested in healing? how about this, the next time you have a flu or cold, something minor, i suggest you try oout some of the herbs he has better yet try some of the herbs and tonics you have or created then compare them w dr. sebis products, after you do that then your blog or even your comments can hold some substance. there are plenty of negatives in the world and im sure you can get anyone on your bandwagon of ridiculing people like dr. sebi that pratically sacrifices his golden years ( i think he;s like 80 yearsold) finding and making better a cure for all of mankind. but the real information and the real cure is going to take a stronger coming together rather than this tear down vibe im getting from your blog. Until then youll be the type to see someone walking on water and say its only because they cant swim. peace and light

    • Just because people need hope does not justify people selling them products and promises that aren’t true. I agree that the expense of healthcare means that some people are unable to be seen or treated. That simply means we have to expand the availability and make healthcare in general more affordable. What we don’t do is encourage people to sink what little money and time they may have into products/treatments that are either known not to work or are not known to work. That is like saying because you need someplace to live it is acceptable to hire or rely on someone who has neither the materials or expertise to build a house.

      No the proof is not all around me. Either the claims sebi and others are making can be demonstrated or they cannot. My pov is not based solely on what others have said about Sebi. My opinion is based on scientific knowledge and the lack of evidence for Sebi’s own claims. You ask if I have conducted any studies and yet you don’t question Sebi at all? Does that make sense? You should be asking where his data is. Sebi is sacrificing nothing, believe me, he is making a mint off of the poor deluded people he cons into buying his products.

  19. ms_svelte says:

    It’s clear that this blogger’s only interest is to discredit dr. sebi and others like him. whether or not you agree with him is inconsequential. his principles transcend his personage and he isnt the first or the last who has promoted an alkaline lifestyle to help people’s bodies cure themselves.

    to everyone who supports alternative health:
    let this blogger be. ive lived long enough to see such individuals and or their family members (unfortunately) hear modern medicines final analysis – “theres nothing we more we can do but send you home on hospice.”

    sadly, when those words ring solid, rhoades will remember this post and her misdirected crusade. anything else here is wordsport and mule-pulling. she could order one product to see if it works, or better yet, there are a folks on the net that give them away. some people refuse to learn until theyre standing there with the do-do face.

    maybe she will be honest with herself and the world regarding her true intentions and change. as it stands now, however, she clearly isnt. dont humor her. let it go.

    • My interest is not in discrediting Sebi. He isn’t credited to begin with. I never said that my opinion was the end all be all I simply question the lack of evidence supporting his claims. If you read both posts I broke down why his claims are false using evidence. I also never claimed that he was the first person to advocate “alkaline diets”, but since he promotes them I discussed why they are bunk.

      The rest of your post is nonsense and emotional pandering. And since I have had a relative die of cancer after going to stay in a hospice, I can tell you that it hasn’t changed my opinion one bit. You have offered no evidence to support Sebi’s claims and neither has he… so the only one engaged in wordsport and mulepulling is you.

      As far as my intentions… I only intend to expose how charlatans like Sebi take advantage of people but particularly minorities who are not very scientifically literate.

      • Pizon says:

        Other than Sebi who else are you talking about

      • On my podcast I have referred to other charlatans like Llaila Afrika and others.

      • Pizon says:

        If any industry is taking advantage is the FDA NCI all those same industries that block other research other than CHEMO and RADIATION Therapy as end all treatments that hasn’t done any better since the 70’s. most all money donated goes in their pockets. Once those same old treatments fail they say go and be with your family.
        Why is it people want to tell you how to live your life and make decisions for you. But wont let you make decisions in their life and make decisions for them ?
        One size doesn’t fit all.

      • No one is blocking research other than radiation and chemo. There is a whole branch of the NIH dedicated to research into complementary and alternative medicine (which by definition is either not known to work or known not to work- because what works becomes standard practice). There are numerous other researchers around the world also looking into alternatives but the fact is none of them have demonstrated efficacy, there are no significant result in human trials. Again, you an the other person I was talking to don’t have the first clue about disease processes to really have an intelligent conversation on this.

  20. ms_svelte says:

    more armchair wordsporting? <<< because thats what it is. just be honest with yourself. you dont have to be honest with me or anyone else. we wont be in your mirror when your "moment" comes.

    and if you sat there when your science couldnt help them, and watched a relative die of cancer while you played 'wordpress talking-head', and you didnt pursue every possible avenue of healing for them (ie. those that you could simply try yourself), then shame on you. thats nothing for which to be proud.

    and did you just state that minorities arent particularly scientifically literate?

    welp, there you go folks.

    "i guess us po negroes couldnt knows nuffins about dat healf and science stuff, mo den dose uncolored folkses"

    i would go on but i take no pleasure in watching you push your foot further down your throat.

    in all sincerity, i hope all works out well for you and yours.

    • No we pursued all the avenues that work. But cancer is not a single disease and her cancer was extremely aggressive and the problem was my relative’s lack of health insurance durign what was surely the progression of her disease. Her disease was caught too late. Not only are you an idiot you also make too many assumptions.

      I said society at large but minorities in particular because of systemic discrimination in educational access and opportunity. There are also barriers in higher education where minorities are concerned. Saying that is a recognition of the inequalities that exist within our country but particularly with regards to education. Historically Black Colleges and Universities are chronically underfunded but particularly with respect to STEM funding. So much so that there are majority institutions where the combined STEM funding dwarfs the STEM budgets of the top 5 or 10 funded HBCU’s combined. There are many reasons for that some involving rampant discrimination but the outcome is that HBCU’s are not able to develop their infrastructures and have fewer dollars to train high quality minority scientists. And many of the programs which fund the undergraduate and graduate training of minority scientists being defunded. All of this has an impact on scientific literacy among racial and ethnic minorities. That is not a claim to ability because ethnic and racial minorities have demonstrated the ability to produce high quality scientific research but barriers remain.

      Smh @ this moron and her straw man arguments.

      • ms_svelte says:

        did u just put medicines that WORK and “for those that have the money to pay” in the same breath with “my aunt died”…but of course HER DEATH had nothing to do with conventional medicine. ..right? while the establishment remains unscathed, there’s always some other reason why folks are 6ft under. Eh. If u say so.

        ur comment leaves so many paths on which to trounce ….

        Instead, I will simply encourage you to not name call. It’s unbecoming and undermines your future credibility.

        You’re not stupid, You’re just on a misled crusade. It’s ok. Time has a beautiful way of working out our kinks IF we allow it.

        When I have time I will check out the rest of your blog.

      • Yes the medicines that have demonstrated efficacy regarding cancer treatment were employed (as opposed to those known not to work or those not known to work). BUT my aunt’s lack of insurance meant a lack of access to quality medical care during several cycles of unemployment, as many others have experienced throughout this country. Now, you and I are probably in agreement that healthcare should not be determined by economic class or what one can afford. It is possible that if AHA had been passed earlier or if we had universal healthcare, that her cancer might’ve been caught early and she may have survived. But by the time she had obtained employment and health insurance her cancer had progressed beyond the point at which anything would have effectively cured her. She was already terminal you obviously don’t understand that the treatment or cure of cancer depends largely on which stage the cancer is in at the time of diagnosis as well as the type of cancer. At this point I don’t feel the need to discuss this any further with you since you are clearly note formed enough around issues related to health or science.

  21. liz says:

    I have been trying to find his actual court cases and trials information, but i can’t seem to find anything. Can someone point me in a direction?

  22. Dsand says:

    Hi, I have been listening to Dr. Sebi videos and he states clearly that there is no know cure for diseases other than stop eating poisonous food substances and clean the body from years of eating toxins, so the process he promotes is to allow the body to heal its self by cleansing, most people have seen commercials of big drug companies promoting drugs like candy, by the way all drugs are toxins and people intake these toxins for one thing and end up getting sicker from the drug they are taking, as you can tell I am no fan of the drug companies, and I have never heard of a drug curing decease, so again you must listen to Dr. Sebi closely when he says his therapy treatment is only that, a treatment that cleanse the body and rid it of the toxins that cause the mucus membrane to be diseased.

    • Not all drugs are toxic. And the body is not capable of healing itself in all cases. Your understanding of the human body is lacking and I don’t have nor would I take the time to educate you- because I have better things to do with my time. But since you are on the internet perhaps you should look up what side effects are. Maybe then you would know that anything that has an effect ont he body has side effects even if those effects are sub-clinical, meaning they are not things that we can necessarily see or detect. Disease is not caused by changes tot he mucus membrane so his “therapies” are flawed from the beginning.

      • Dsand says:

        You maybe right and I don’t know everything but I look at things with an open mind and common sense, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell me that when they promote a drug for one thing and tell you what the side effects are worst than what you are being treated for, I’m not taking the drug, so you have drugs and drug companies on one side and natural remedies herbs on the other who do you trust? as for Dr. Sebi the man is in his 80’s and seems to be very healthy with a lot of energy, I would think that evidence along is proof that the man is doing something right, a living example of what?, you tell me!

      • I do look at things with an open mind- based on evidence. Sebi has none. His age doesn’t necessarily mean that his methods are valid. That is faulty reasoning.

  23. Dsand says:

    I don’t know about that maybe Sebi does have evidence that you choose to over look, and not just his age look at his health, maybe you should look at Sebi again, also I have not come across anyone who used his methods and complain about it not working, the man has been doing this for over 30 years, surely if his methods were flawed there should be a high percent of people complaining and suing and that my friend would indeed be all over the news.

    • If he has evidence he has never presented it. His age and health are not by themselves indicators that his methods work. You nor I have any information about his health or what medications he may take or may have taken in the past. Nor are we aware of what his genetic makeup is. For all you know he may just come a from a long line of people who lived to a ripe old age. You are assuming that everything he says is true without questioning. You are not a skeptic. This is how people get played. Just because you are not aware of any complaints does not meant here have not been complaints. The only thing that can prove his methods work is evidence produced from scientific research.

  24. niecy says:

    How is he a fraud though?Dr.Sebi is what you call a bush man in the west indies.i’ve heard countless stories of ppl in the west indies getting cured from bush men and also curing themselves with great grandmother healed one of my great aunts from a serious illness that was going on at the time that there was no cure for and that was killing children,wanna know how?A DREAM,she had a dream about someone telling her to use certain herbs,so the next day she got the herbs and gave it to my great aunt and she was the west indies healthcare is POOR so ppl use herbs either by themselves or go to a herbalist aka a bush the west indian stores they have herbal tonics aka root drinks that only brain washed negroes who down play any and everything caucasaisns do not have their hands in,but these root drinks aka herbal tonics have been helping ppl for grandfather was a bush man until he moved to north america and got brain washed,so last yr he was diagnosed with cancer and was so far removed from the bush man,herbal life style and mentality from bak home that he trusted these western doctors and died 4 months later NOT FROM THE CANCER BUT THE TREATMENT.They gave him drugs that made him very sick to the point he got really skinny like those poor kids in africa and ultimately his immune system was weakened so he picked up a lung infection in the hospital and died.the stuff thats used in dr.sebis stuff are known herbs amongst bush men and women in africa and the carribeans,so no,he is not talking out of his ass hes speaking ancient knowledge.

    • Because his methods don’t work. Because he has no evidence to back up his claims. Did you even read the article? I have no way of verifying your story and because of confabulation and errors that occur in the way the brain remembers things I can’t simply take your word on this story. If you have independent evidence I am open to exploring that. Otherwise, this story you have told, like the work of Sebi remains questionable. If you read my blog I actually talk about the pseudoscience that many white scientists have engaged in overtime. So it isn’t just a matter of me being a brainwashed, because I’m not. Of course many medicines and treatments are derived from nature and many indigenous people have been responsible for finding these discoveries before the advent of science based medicine. But we have methods for determining what works and what doesn’t. If Sebi has nothing to hide then he should test his methods to see if they work. But they don’t and they have very little likelihood of producing anything of clinical value because his methods are based on false information about the human body. And no, your grandfather died from the cancer treatment related complications. NOT THE TREATMENT ITSELF. If you know anything about cancer, which you clearly don’t, cancer cells aren’t foreign cells like bacteria. Cancers cells are YOU. To kill the cancer or stop the cancer means to kill or isolate malignant cells. And unfortunately those treatments can take a toll on the body but no more than the cancer will have it it is allowed to progress untreated. He is actually talkign out of his ass because the things he teaches abotu how the human body works are demonstrably untrue. He is not imparting ancient knowledge, or any knowledge for that matter. He is in it for the money.

  25. Ray says:

    I understand that it’s hard to believe what’s real in a world where a lot of people live with plausible denial. But Real life experience holds higher value then “scientific proof” since science can be backed by the funder and what it is that is trying to be proven. 2 different groups of scientists could tell you the good and bad scientifically about a product or medicine (e.g). So with that being said if groups of people are willing to follow an individual into a court of law to validate claims or support an individual, well then there has to be some validity to it. Science has been wrong many times in the history of this country alone… People are traveling outside the U.S to seek and get treatments that aren’t offered here in the states and that make me wonder why ? Hmmm

    • Sebi’s claims aren’t true. You haven’t offered evidence and I have already addressed the points in your comment. “Real experiences” or subjective experiences do not trump scientific evidence. One of the reasons why are the various cognitive failure that our brains are prone to make. We often make misattributions, we can misremember things, etc. So subjective experience is not sufficient when pitted against repeatable and reliable scientific evidence. Though the reporting of science can be influenced by funding a study is either conducted ethically and scientifically or it isn’t. It also is why when looking at scientific literature you read and compare any given studies to similar studies in it’s field. Sebi has never produced a single study, nor has he presented evidence from other credible sources that confirms his claims. You make a lot of fallacious arguments. I mean, what world do you live in where people never lie in court or where people don’t believe in things that aren’t true? Based on that faulty logic I am sure you have problems conceiving of a lot of things. Come back when you have evidence to share.

  26. Dsand says:

    I see that you are still at this, I have a funny felling that if you became sick and had a chance to use Dr.Sebi method that you would try it, seeming that there are so many people that say they were cured by his healing compounds, you can’t fool me you are on here just to play devils advocate, you can experience for your self and compile evidence for yourself but you rather continue with this argument because its fun for you to have this never ending back and forth with people, time for you to grow up.

    • Lol well you are wrong. I wouldn’t put my faith in his methods ever. I am not playing devils advocate. I am telling the truth. Bottom line his methods don’t work because his understanding of disease is wrong. Smh @ idiots coming to my blog to insult me but tell me to grow up. Ok!

      • corri says:


      • Lol this isn’t even worth responding to. You expect me to believe that you work for the FDA? You can barely write a single coherent sentence. I am not buying it. The rest is just bullshit.

  27. Dsand says:

    Yes, grow up and realize that science doesn’t have the answer to a lot of things and is usually late comers when it comes to treating conditions, most of their early methods of treating people came from indigenous people, they just copied what they saw native people doing and made it their own, and again I’m sure some one told you this, medicine is a chemical copy of the natural herb but of course you can’t profit from something that is found natural, they put all kinds of chemicals in the food, water and air, common sense should tell you that’s not good for your body, and common sense should tell you that not every thing has to be scientific to work.

    • No one ever claimed that science had all the answers. Science is just a really effective method for finding out about the world in which we live. And that part about science being late comers to treating disease is actually false. Science based medicine is the best method for determining how diseases work and how to treat them. While early methods of treating people may have come from folk remedies we have better methods in the modern world. Everything is chemical! And you absolutely can profit from natural products. Naturopaths don’t give their stuff away for free and that includes Sebi. lol @ this idiot telling me to grow up.

      • linguist_4_life says:

        Maybe you should just explain what science is/means? Clearly these people think that science is some “thing” hiding in an ivory tower dictating answers in spite of all the things people “believe.”

        All science means is conducting experiments over and over, accounting for all conditions, then publishing your results so that other people who conduct experiments (scientists) can try to replicate them. If they cannot be replicated, they are not scientifically sound; if they can be, then you’ll go down in history 😊

        If Dr. Sebi’s “treatments” are cures, they need to be subjected to various experiments to see if they cure the diseases as he claims. The entire process needs to be published in a peer reviewed journal so others can try to replicate his findings. It’s pretty simple.

  28. Osi A. says:

    First, as a fellow scientist, i understand your concerns. I am currently in USHA right now. I can say that I have seen one person “cured” of diabetes (if you believe if it is a disease). BUT, I will not be quick to say Dr. Sebi does it all. The service here could be better and there are a few patients that feel swindled for their money. I have seen a man with cancer in his arm(shoulder) and after 2 months, there was absolutely no change. I have “heard”, from patients and staff that a woman was hear and was cured of herpes in three weeks. I do not have a condition of my own, so I can not validate for being cured.

    Nevertheless, western medicine is not portraying a cure to these dis-eases. But think about it, can these natural healers actually publish any information? The answer is no. They do not have the credentials to engage in such public research. But this should not refute the possibility that these doctors can heal you.

    Once again, i totally understand your perspective. I think we would all be better if Dr. Sebi kept a log of his patients and whether they reversed their conditions. Then, he can make confession videos that would better promote his product.


    • “Nevertheless, western medicine is not portraying a cure to these dis-eases.”
      What the hell is portraying a cure? You mean producing a cure?

      “But think about it, can these natural healers actually publish any information? The answer is no. They do not have the credentials to engage in such public research. But this should not refute the possibility that these doctors can heal you. ”
      The answer is yes. They can produce data, stats on who they have cured. They could publish their rate of success. You don’t have to have credentials to publish research on your own. And provided that your research is credible there are reputable scientists that would be willing to work with you. There are children have been published in respected scientific journals. One example is Emily Rosa.

      Bottomline: Sebi has produced no evidence and his methods have not been demonstrated to be valid.

  29. Elizabeth Chislett says:

    Rhoades to Reality, I’m exhausting just scanning through these postings. I don’t know how you have the patience to respond to deluded and ignorant contentions. My hat is off to you.

  30. Kevin Thomas says:

    Much respect Rhoades to Reality! I came here looking for some information and evidence to Dr. Sebi’s claims. It’s really difficult to find anything on the internet at all. It’s hard to find any evidence to support his claims but at the same time it is difficult to find anything against them.
    In this day and age of technology and social media, I find it really odd that Dr Sebi isnt’ the 2nd coming of Jesus considering his claims. He should have thousands of people lined up at his doorstep daily, I’d imagine. Something seems off!
    Sorry for rambling on. Just saying this thread has been an interesting read in general.

  31. Kevin Thomas says:

    Considering his claims, I’m really wondering why there haven’t been a scientific study to prove that his claims does or does not work… this date. I’m still looking!

  32. Kyran says:

    Rhoades to Reality, thank you for the posting and for standing your ground in face of some hostility. You mentioned that you also did some investigation on “Dr” ( is this guy really a doctor by the way) Lailla Afrika and his sidekick “Dr” Melanie Stevenson. Are they just money grabbers preying on the desperate and disenfranchised black community or can they actually be taken seriously ????

  33. d says:

    I have to admit i only read parts of this article and skimmed the rest. The article references official policies and laws, but doesn’t share personal experience whether anything actually works or not. So what am I to take away useful from this article?

  34. sophia Haynes says:

    I accompanied my son to Honduras when he was diagnosed with bone cancer, my son almost died there, we ended up in two different substandard hospitals and this is after Sebi claimed my son was healed by him ..

  35. sophia Haynes says:

    according to the bible life was created in a garden so in that garden our food and medicine is also found but please remember that a serpent was also present , it answers to the name of Dr Sebi . He repeatedly lied to me about my son’ recovery he even claimed he healed him . My son arm was later amputated in a New York hospital . I witnessed a 59 year old man death after Sebi promised him a full recovery . He claims a hundred percent success rate . he’ s an arrogant, lying, cheating old man that boast of his sexual prowess with young girls..if you have a terminal illness please do not go to Honduras . Blood is sold for one hundred and fifty U.S dollars per unit .

    • Chris says:

      My brother went to the village for a minor hernia. My brother was there for 3 weeks and nothing he still had the hernia. I’m not saying Dr Sebi claims are false but wouldn’t something as small as what he had would have some kind of relief? And on top of that he also had a money issue with them. My father was gonna go there for his cancer, we paid for everything but sadly he passed away before he could go and we were begging for a refund we still after 3 years have not received a refund. I truly want to believe in Dr Sebi but something is off

  36. Richy J says:

    Hey there,

    Rhoads to Realtity!

    I have to say I admire your post and your reply to the other comments. It appears to me, after reading so many of the responses, that people leave their brains at the door with so many topics.

    Religion is one of them. As you say, believing in something where there is no evidence, well that is faith. Anyone claiming something – and quoting the bible as to back up what they’re saying, are so delusional and their claims are to be taken as such – based on supernatural ideas and no way of proving anything – this is belief and doesn’t mean that it is true.

    I could believe that I am Napoleon, doesn’t mean it’s true. To look at it another way, if you spoke to one person and they told you that Jesus could take a pile of mud, breath on it, and turn that mud into a bird, you would look at that person and think they are nuts.

    However, when a book like the kuran talks about this, and billions of Muslims think this to be the gospel, well now since so many people think it is true, then saying something like that appears to be ok. Simply because a shit ton of people believe it to be true.

    This is human nature. We should be skeptical about claims that have zero evidence. Not what someone said, but objective methods that when performed, yield the same results.

    About the only thing I do agree with this Sebi guy, is that what he is saying is true with respect to the body being in alkaline state. Cancer cannot live in this state – so it follows that if the body was alkaline vs acidic, then disease could not survive.

    However, it looks like he is selling herbs to generate the ol mighty dollar, and using emotion as the driving force to sell! This is exactly what religion does. Uses emotion to put people in a state of fear and guilt and feeling like they need to be saved in order to go to heaven. There is zero evidence of anything that is in the bible – it is meant to be literature and serve as metaphors – not literal meaning.

  37. fernando says:

    wow. i just read through all the replies and there is a lot of crazy going on. you are very patient to take the time and acknowledge every comment like you did. i personally wouldn’t be able to control myself and resort to name calling. props to you.

    i was astonished by the replies and also felt sad, upset and scared by how easily people are manipulated. part of me wants to be part of the solution like yourself, but then part of me wants to come up with my own magical cures to sell.

  38. Ric says:

    The notion of a balanced Ph immune system reversing disease is sound science, supported by many, many western doctors, nutritionists and health professionals. Espousing an alkaline versus acidic diet, or an anti-inflammatory diet that restores one’s immune system to a healthy state is not fraud. It’s sound biochemistry. Chronic immune system inflammation is the root cause of all disease, aside from hereditary factors.
    Sebi proposes a vegan diet and natural herbs and minerals that restores the Ph balance of one’s immune system and eliminates inflammation, restores the proper balance of gut flora and cleanses one’s blood of the toxins and impurities from an overly acidic, first world, western diet and lifestyle that is heavy in alcohol, cigarettes, processed foods, sugar, corn bi-products, pollution and stress. His recommendations are no different than millennia old Ayurvedic or Chinese medicinal practices.
    Propping up western medicine and the FDA as the highest health standard in the world is the largest global health propaganda duping our would has ever faced. And, frankly, you should be ashamed of yourself for so vehemently opposing a practice that restores immune system healthy through a proven vegetable heavy diet, and instead insisting on supporting poor health and western medicine, due to a “lack of scientific evidence.”
    Western medicine doesn’t sell health. It sells disease. Stop off at any pharmacy or drug store in the US and look at all the drugs and remedies; or, go to any grocery store and look down the isles of processed, non-nutritious foods: cookies, chips, soft drinks, booze, breads, cheeses, meats, on an on; all of them loaded with additives, sugar, trans fats, gluten and all manner of inflammatory garbage.
    The US has amongst the highest incidents of child obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Of course you already know this. For those that don’t, with respect to child obesity, which is a commonly accepted marker of future propensity for adult onset type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease, according to the WHO one of the causes of childhood obesity is “A global shift in diet towards increased intake of energy-dense foods that are high in fat and sugars but low in vitamins, minerals and other healthy micronutrients”, (
    Moreover, it is well documented, and recommended by many health organizations, that people change their diet to follow a more strict vegan regiment: higher in omega 3 fats and high alkalinity. I see no quackery in that. If Sebi were saying “buy my cures” that would be one thing. However, he says change one’s diet to vegan and add herbs, utilized by Ayurvedic and Chinese doctors. No flaw there!
    I agree that one should do their own research to insure that various herb combinations are safe. However, I neither agree with, nor support, nor condone your argument that a vegan diet is akin to selling snake oil, or medical quackery because there’s no scientific proof.

    • I don’t have the time or inclination to point out all of the problems with your comment. You need to read the article called Sebi’s Pseudoscience. I suggest you read more and speak less.

    • One other thing I never said that a vegan diet was snake oil, moron. Sebi does more than prescribe dietary changes. And the beliefs that he uses to spread his so called methods are thoroughly disproven by science.

  39. seeker says:

    well ..lets see.. forensic is a science that is used in court to prove a persons innocents or guilt..even use MDS and other specialist in court to convict someone or let them free… dna testing is used in is i was diagnosis with a sickness ..cancer.. aids..etc it would have to be by scientific proof .. test done in labs… those scientific lab result are then showed in court …and compared to the lab result after being treated with dr sebi natural foods .. that showed the person no longer showing that particular diagnosis.. in fact new cancer centers are using food groups to treat patients … we lived on this earth for thousands of years without pharmaceuticals… and yes its a proven fact that the earth produce medicine.. if you are in the medical field you would know that must if not all medication derived from plants.. example A pharmaceutical company copied this chemical taxol which comes from a plant and patented a drug named Paclitaxel™ which is used in various types of tumors today in the U.S. and many other countries.

    • Hey idiot. I never said science was not used in a courtroom. I said that courts do not determine the whether a scientific method or treatment is credible. Courts determine law not science. Of course courts use science!

      I never said that pharmaceuticals are not derived from plants. But I have already provided an example of how ingesting a plant by itself may not be sufficient in delivering the quantities of a beneficial compound such that a disease process can be altered. I provided the example of taxol in my other blog on Sebi. You should read it.

  40. Ken says:

    I’m not posting to give pros or cons regarding Sebi’s claims. I have no issue with the author disputing him. My issues are with the responses that the author makes in the comment section. Attempting to convey a specific stance while belittling every opinion which differs is counterproductive in my opinion.

  41. jj says:

    not all things can be quantified by modern science i.e. many aspects of Chinese, and Indian philosphies were considered quackery and that view is being changed now due to quantum physics etc.

  42. imaraiwe says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve read the comments ,almost, down to the end and I must say Rhoades you do have a point. It looks awkward Dr. Sebi’s claim that his healing is for the black man and is not universal. Sounds a bit racist as well. I’ve watched the YouTube vids though and he does have a point. He sort of posits that there is only one disease ‘sickness’ and his solution is to focus on the symptoms of health. Symptoms of pathology are myriad while symptoms of health are very few. He basically posits that all illness is as a result of deviation from right nutrition. Eating what’s not good for you results in illness and restoring health is merely a process of cleansing your body and eating right. Whether or not you use his products this is the process of healing. Another thing is there is no need for scientific process for obvious phenomenon. If a guy comes to you and shows evidence of scientific diagnosis of an incurable ailment then shows documented evidence of using Dr. Sebis products then heals…and is joined by another and another…well the burden of proof of an adverse opinion lies with the sceptic. For instance ,the Dogon tribe in Mali drew the entire milky way in their caves and included a star scientists didn’t have the tech to see until 40 years later. This star is now called Sirius B. When asked how they knew it was there…as it’s never been visible to the human eye….they stated that their ancestors came from there to Earth. Go figure.

    • “He sort of posits that there is only one disease ‘sickness’ and his solution is to focus on the symptoms of health. Symptoms of pathology are myriad while symptoms of health are very few. He basically posits that all illness is as a result of deviation from right nutrition. Eating what’s not good for you results in illness and restoring health is merely a process of cleansing your body and eating right.Eating what’s not good for you results in illness and restoring health is merely a process of cleansing your body and eating right. Whether or not you use his products this is the process of healing.”

      He posits that but a healthy lifestyle is only one part of the equation. He disavows the impact of bacteria and or viruses in the progression of illness. He boils disease down to a long disproven theory concerning human bodily fluids, namely mucus. So try again.

      “Another thing is there is no need for scientific process for obvious phenomenon. If a guy comes to you and shows evidence of scientific diagnosis of an incurable ailment then shows documented evidence of using Dr. Sebis products then heals…and is joined by another and another…well the burden of proof of an adverse opinion lies with the sceptic.”

      Well first he hasn’t shown evidence. No one has. So next ignorant argument…

      ” For instance ,the Dogon tribe in Mali drew the entire milky way in their caves and included a star scientists didn’t have the tech to see until 40 years later. This star is now called Sirius B. When asked how they knew it was there…as it’s never been visible to the human eye….they stated that their ancestors came from there to Earth. Go figure.”

      There is evidence of confabulation and no corroborating evidence that they came from Sirius. So the question of whether they cam from Sirius remains an open question, at best.

  43. I appreciate skepticism and I’m not here to defend or debunk Sebi, but I did want to chime in that you do, actually, take a belittling tone. Your use of the words “idiot” and “moron” are frequent when replying to commenters.

    If your aim is to help people here, you might consider ways to communicate that facilitate that. You mention a few times types of false arguments, so I’m sure you’re familiar with the idea that name-calling falls into that area.

    It’s hard to change people’s minds, but it is possible. It becomes rapidly less possible when an attack is made on character and delivered with arrogance.

    I hope this lands as I intend, as an invitation to consider something that could improve your ability to help.

  44. Drew says:

    You said the case was about practicing without a license , not about curing AIDS , then why did the Supreme Court have him produce 13 witnesses that had claimed to be cured? Your story is full of holes

  45. Renee T. says:

    Below is an article I found where a CBS news reporter stated Sebi (I too respect the title of “Dr.” and believe it should be reserved for persons who have earned it) provided a medical affidavit of one his customers that showed a status of being HIV negative after being diagnosed with HIV 2 months earlier…just thought I’d share. Does this prove he or any of his methods were the cause of this cure? Not necessarily, but it does peak my curiosity. And speaking of curiosity…you mention that there is no proof to his claims, but I do not see (at least in this article) any evidence to the contrary. I beg your pardon if this sounds rude, but based on this, it seems to me like you are doing the very thing you are accusing Sebi of doing-making unsubstantiated claims. If I missed where you disproved anything, please accept my apologies and point me to where you actually have proof that any of his customers who claimed they were cured because of his treatments were in fact not, or were worse off after being under his care.That to me would shut down this entire conversation and all the resulting back and forth, and further prove your claim that he is in fact a “snake-oil salesman”. Your failure to obtain evidence to his claim(s) does not then validate your claim. All I am saying is that everyone is entitled to their opinions about the man and should come to their own conclusions. Personally, I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I do think that doing your own homework and research is key. Then decide for yourself what’s best. If what he is saying resonates with you, go with it. If not, don’t. Period.

    Also, if you do respond, please don’t chew my head off or be nasty. I have read some of your posts and they seem to be a little…uh…hostile. Although it is difficult to determine tone and emotion in written words, comments like “moron” leave little to interpretation. As adults, I think we should be able to disagree with each other respectfully. I mean no ill will nor harm in my post. I’m just adding my two cents. Hope you all have a great holiday!

  46. Derrick says:

    You seem smart…wouldnt it be wise to just try it out? Have you tried any products or did you just rush to debunk his claims??just curious.

    • To try it wouldn’t prove anything by itself. There needs to be clinical trials or scientific experiment performed. For example there is no evidence that consuming a large quantity of OJ when you are ill stops a cold but plenty of people swear by it. The reason is because we have a tendency to make misattributions based on the temporal proximity of consuming the OJ and the end of our cold. But based on science what likely happened is that by the time you recognized the symptoms of the cold that your immune system was already fighting it off.

      The other problem is that his “treatments are based on a false theory about disease. It brings to mind a saying about a diseased tree bringing forth diseased fruit. The information he used to develop his treatment (the mucus “theory” of disease) is false, his treatment is also likely to be false.

      But ultimately he has to provide the evidence. Not me.

  47. me says:

    so your saying that if its not proven scientifically its quackery. But what about proven testimonies of those who have been healed? Is that not good enough for you? Proof is Proof! no matter what group or category…right?

    • No I am saying it is quackery because he is selling a product based on ideas that have been proven false. The testimonies have not been proven. And not all “proof” is created equal. The testimonies are a type of proof but they cannot stand on their own. For reasons I have already explained.

  48. Joy DAvilar says:

    I love love love you!!! Kudos for standing your ground against the zombies. Now I have a theory so to speak on why the zombies hold true and steadfast to Dr. Sebi and all the likes. So my theory is that the health care industry does treat blacks differently and to their detriment, so here comes Sebi and he “cares” and he pays “attention” so to speak and hey, he’s not like their evil elusive Western Dr. so he is the end all and be all. What is mystifying is that some of these people are bashing your looks, personality etc but they aren’t coming with any FACTS!!! You aren’t casting stones at a good diet, fruits or veg. That’s good that’s a good way to eat…but what you exposed on this guy is epic. He has no substance and trust; apart from a few folks yapping he ain’t cured a damned thing. Girl talk ya talk and don’t let these people get under your skin! Oh and some poster talks about eating blood in milk or some other nonsense…let him know that the Masai tribe in Kenya drink blood direct from the cow’s jugular and they’re a-ok! Now I wouldn’t do it but hey.

  49. Skeptic says:

    Great blog Rhoades to Reality! I hope it wakes someone up. It’s so unfortunate that this conman is taking advantage of so many selling snake oil. People fear science and the FDA but trust superstition, pseudoscience and quackery. How backwards. I recently read that only 28% of Americans have science literacy and roughly 40% of Americans believe in the “big Pharma” conspiracy. (FDA and pharmacutical companies are in cahoots to hide natrual cures). My best friend died recently. He put his trust in herbalist when a doctor could have easily treated him. Keep up the good fight you might save a life! It is my personal mission to spread the truth about the multi billion dollar supplment industry. Like the fact when tested most herbal supplements don’t even have the ingredients listed on the label and many have saw dust and even toxins. The 1994 dietary supplment act protects the industry not consumers. Supplements by law are not required to have the ingredients advertised. It’s not just herbal supplements even vitamins are useless. Studies show that people taking vitamins have higher death rate, men taking vitamin e have increased prostrate cancer. And vitamin C does not cure or even treat the common cold. Supplements at best are a waste of money and at worse …who knows

  50. Cree Seven says:

    You, madam, wrote this piece as a skeptic, correct? A skeptic is one who evaluates and makes claims on the basis of evidence. Yet, you suport your contention that Mr. Sebi is a snake-oil salesman without evaluating the available evidence: The court record of the case brought against Dr. Sebi. You make assumnptions abou Dr. Sebo being vindicated through a “legal loophole} when you could have determined that with certainty. Either you do not understand how science is handled in courtrooms in the United States or you pretend not to know. You indicate this lack of knowledge or the pretense of it when you write:

    “This introduces our second problem is that the scientific validity of a claim cannot be determined in a courtroom. Regardless of whether a judge was convinced by the testimony of patients of Sebi, a courtroom deals with matters of law and not science.”

    You, like most people residing in the U.S., hold medical doctors above lawyers. In the U.K., it is the reverse as they understand that lawyers must undertake understanding a wide spectrum of disciplines in order to argue the facts of the cases they argue. Physicians use a lot of memorization. Lawyers main tool is logic. U.S. courts abide by case precedent that requires them to evaluate the scientific evidence to determine whether there iks a gap between a conclusion of any witness, including experts, and the evidence. So, this was certainly done in the Sebi case.

    Be a better skeptic. Look at the case record.

  51. So to answer your first question I am a skeptic and as I laid out in the article the “evidence” to back Sebi’s claims is lacking. I evaluated the available evidence, unfortunately much of it contradicts Sebi’s teachings and highlights his own ignorance about biology. I didn’t assume that he was vindicated through a legal loophole I described at least two potential issues with his case, ne of which has to do with the regulation of dietary supplements. Now this issue is not central to the charges brought, the charge was practicing medicine without a license, but lets not pretend that the perception of natural supplements has nothing to do with how people view the results of this case.

    So to your next point I am a scientist. And as I have told several of my commenters, of course science is used in courtrooms. However, courtrooms cannot determine the validity of science. So scientifically when an experiment or claim is encountered and it is challenged by further experimentation. If and only if the experiment and its conclusions hold up over time is it accepted as scientific fact. So what determines scientific validity is the accumulated scientific evidence (from several related experiments) that exists regarding a particular phenomena.

    And you are right that outside the US that there are courts judging matters of science. And that has been a disaster, lending credibility to people with all matter of false claims including men like Andrew Wakefield. Just because a lawyer is supposed to use science to evaluate the evidence in a courtroom does not mean that they are fit to judge the validity of science. Many lawyers deliberately use unscrupulous “experts” to try to win cases all the time. Think about how many years the tobacco industry successfully fought off lawsuits regarding health of smokers. This persisted for decades despite the overwhelming scientific evidence that smoking leads to serious health issues. The literature established the validity of science proving this link long before the court system caught up.

    Lawyers are experts in matters of law not science.

    Lol @ you scolding me for making assumptions while assuming what was done or not done. in Sebi’s case.

    I am a better skeptic since I wrote this, certainly better than you.

  52. So as a scientist, disregarding Sebi’s “scientific reasoning” are you are stating that by changing one’s diet to a raw vegan restriction that one will have 0% chance to relieve themselves permanently from the symptoms of the disputed diseases (any of them) and that none will thereby “cure” themselves as a result? Of course you will not. I would think that we would agree that diet and exercise are #1 for the prevention and elimination of disease, so with that I would say his claims are “relatively true”.

    Have you ever seen Bruce Lee’s 1 inch punch. Scientifically it is virtually impossible to generate that amount of force in such a short distance by a human. Point being science isn’t everything you appear to think it is.

  53. Message from The Holy Spirit says:

    To everyone here who is a believer of God, please read.

    It seems that all the cures that Dr. Sebi has to offer are herbal concoctions. He could simply published the recipes online, and anyone could make them and try to reproduce his results.

    As of this date, his recipes are a mystery. Why? Anyone with the cure to cancer, AIDS/HIV, diabetes, etc. has much more to gain by sharing it with the world than by white-labeling it and selling for $50 a pop. You’d be idolized throughout history and across the world, certainly given a Nobel peace prize (if they offer it in that field), invited to speak around the world, etc.

    So if he has more to gain by sharing the cure why doesn’t he do it? He’s not stupid since that would contradict his ability to discover the cure. The other option is… he doesn’t have the cure.

    As a comparison, imagine Jonas Salk keeping his method for vaccine private and selling for $50 a bottle. By the way, Jonas Salk forfeited billions in dollars by putting the vaccine into the public domain instead of patenting it. That’s what you do if you actually care about healing people.

    Sorry everyone but Dr. Sebi is likely a fraud scamming vulnerable people for money. I wish it weren’t so but it is.

    This message sent to you from God, The Father, and The Holy Spirit. Amen.

  54. Tori says:

    i thought he won a huge case against the supreme court where he proved that he cured over 70 people of things like AIDS,cancer, and diabetes, its next to impossible to win a supreme court case without substantial evidence proving your innocents. That alone to me is enough to say he is the real deal.

    • Well you are wrong. He was found not guilty of “practicing medicine without a license”. People use that case to suggest that a court determined his claims were true, however, the case had nothing to do with whether he healed anyone or not. It was about whether he was making medical diagnoses. A jury determined he was not guilty. However, in 1988 he entered into a consent decree where he was forced to print advertisements offering to refund money because his claims were found to be fraudulent.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have a question for all of you…. Can his products be given to a child? My son has asthma and his father is giving this to our son and he’s bothered that I don’t believe what he does. I’m really not sure about all this but we share custody so when he’s not with me I know he will continue giving him there herbal products. I mentioned that I want to consult it with s doctor but that seemed to bother him too.

      • So I have to say up front, I am not a doctor. I don’t practice medicine. I can’t advise you on specific matters concerning his health. But I urge you to consult with a your son’s pediatrician ASAP. I don’t know how severe his asthma is but his health could be severely compromised if he is given these herbs without being under the supervision of a physician.

  55. Chris says:

    Keep fighting the good fight Rhoades To Reality. Too many people fall for this nonsense and it’s at best best a waste of money and at worst downright deadly

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