Michael Baisden is Leaving the Airwaves… Yay!

And this skeptic thinks that is a good  GREAT thing. I have sort of a love hate relationship with Michael Baisden. Okay, to be honest its mostly hate. I think much of his show is just overhyped nonsense but I respect the fact that. he often highlights issues of social justice that are often missed by mainstream media. I also respect the fact that he uses his fame to promote charitable giving and activism. And he’s really one of few black celebrities who isn’t afraid to express his non-belief (though he is not an atheist per se). That said, I haven’t been able to stomach listening to a full program for a long time. And while there are many aspect of his program that I dislike, one of my biggest beefs is with the pseudoscience he promotes via his “expert guests”.

When I say that  I dislike his “expert” guests, this is not to suggest that all of his guests are not reputable experts  but a lot of the recurring ones  often have dubious credentials  to match their dubious claims.

“Dr”. Baruch , for example, one of Baisden’s frequent guests, claims that he earned his ND from the School of Prophets, Louisiana Baptist University. This university is unaccredited college and as far as I can tell doesn’t offer ND’s ( per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louisiana_Baptist_University & http://www.lbu.edu/graduate.htm).

Here is an example of one of his lectures where he makes incorrect claims about vegetarian and omnivorous diets among other things. 

He also asserts that chickens urinate through their skin. which is what gives some chickens the yellowish color. This is absolutely untrue. One of the claims he makes in the video and I have heard him make on The Michael Baisden Show was that estrogen in chicken that we consume is making black males effeminate and  or gay. A causal relationship between impotence or sexuality and what one eats is not supported by scientific evidence. And it is clear that Baruch understand as much  about gender and sexuality as he does about a chicken’s ass. It is also clear that Baruch is a tofu-dashikiist and promotes various conspiracy theories. Note the part where he talks about “the enemy’s food’ and its supposed connection to impotence and homosexuality. This depopulation paranoia, mixed with misogynistic prioritization of procreation above all else, and obsession with hyper-sexual heterosexist masculinity is a hallmark of the tofu dashikiist.

Then there is “Dr.” Sunyatta Amen a.k.a. “The Belly Dancing Doctor”,  who claims to be a naturopathic physician but she never mentions where she attended school. And beyond her own claims there is nothing to verify that she has been trained  or licensed as a physician, naturopathic or otherwise. When George and Michael aren’t salivating over her, she promotes vegetarian or vegan diet as well as exercise in general but belly dance in particular for black women. I don’t see anything wrong with promoting healthier eating or even vegetarian or vegan diets or even exercise but where she goes beyond that is where the problems begin. She claims despite the lack of evidence to have healed black women from ovarian cysts, fibroids, etc. with naturopathic methods and belly dance. On one episode of the Michael Baisden show, she told listeners concerned about fibroids to cut dairy including eggs out of their diet even though scientific studies have shown that African American women who consumed dairy daily reduced their risk of fibroids. 

Other guests like Dr. Elaine George  have promoted  long discredited beliefs like the  supposed link between vaccines and autism along with a  host of other unsupported claims and misrepresentations concerning health.  He even had one guest. Dr. Julissa claiming that STDs and STIs can be cured “naturally”  with supplements like silver.  And whether or not Michael Baisden himself, believes in the things Baruch, Amen, and his other guests promote, their association with him legitimizes him in the minds of many of his listeners, who like Baisden tend to be less educated and vulnerable to misinformation. But considering his recent departure from the airwaves there is one guest appearance from earlier this year that I find particularly amusing: 

Strayhorn predicts using astrology and numerology (both of which are crap btw)  that this year will be a good year for ” people’s health, losing weight, going back to school, purchasing property, falling in love and out of love, as well as births, marriages and pregnancies…” or what I call life in general! But what kills me is with all those predictions he made he didn’t predict that Michael wouldn’t be able to come to an agreement with Cumulus Media. Unfortunately it looks like he is plotting a way to get back on the airwaves but at least he is gone for now.

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12 thoughts on “Michael Baisden is Leaving the Airwaves… Yay!

  1. Emelyne says:

    Interesting article, as always. I did want to point out a few things, though. Although you are right in that there are absolutely no studies to prove that belly dance that cure cysts and fibroids, I myself have PCOS and my (licensed) gynecologist as well as millions of others DO recommend that those of us who have cysts or are at risk for them refrain from dairy and eggs (i.e. any food related to animal reproduction). Consuming dairy only (moderately) helps those women whose fibroids are a result of obesity, as low-fat dairy can aid in weight loss. However, this is pretty accessible information that “Dr. Sunyatta” could have easily looked up on the web.

    As for the “tofu dashikiist” (LOVE that term, btw), I’ve noticed that hyper-masculine Black men have a tendency to view homosexuality as something created chemically, inherited, or learn by the “White Devil” to destroy our people. If only they’d point out that we are still out procreating everyone but the Hispanics and that straight men in our community who refuse to raise their children are the ones helping destroy it.

    • This is an instance that just demonstrates that even reputable physicians can be behind in terms of their knowledge of current science and scientific consensus.

      • Emelyne says:

        Following his advice has cause my cysts to shrink and has helped other women with PCOS conceive, so obviously he knows what he’s doing. If you PCOS is a result of rampant hormones, eggs and dairy (even the supposedly better-for-you free-range sort) can be harmful. I guess seeing (and decades of medical expertise, in my doctor’s case) is believing.

      • I wasn’t putting him down but I am sure that removing dairy from your diet was recommended in addition to other interventions, right?

      • The science says otherwise, just because it was beneficial for you does not make it true for all. The research: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2800240
        “Dairy foods have antitumorigenic components, including calcium, vitamin D (24), butyric acid (25), branched-chain fatty acids (25), and milk proteins (25). Conversely, milk contains estrogens and progesterone (26, 27), and high-fat dairy products in the United States contain fat-soluble hormones and growth factors (28) that may increase risk of hormone-dependent neoplasms.”

        This study followed over 22,000 women and found that dairy consumption reduced the risk of fibroids.

      • Emelyne says:

        Oh, I know that dairy has had positive effects for some, and have been told that by the very same doctor. However, the individual’s level of body fat is usually a pretty good indicator for whether or not dairy consumption will help them and the sad reality is that many Black women in the U.S. are very overweight and obese. Dairy is a great addition in most diets for protein and calcium.

      • That may or may not be the case but for those making the claim that dairy is “feeding” fibroids or that it is bad for the overall health of women in thr black community are wrong.

      • Emelyne says:

        I rarely consumed dairy or eggs, since I’m one of those weird people who don’t like eggs or ice cream and only had them in oatmeal and the occasional dessert. This small change of eliminating them (and changing nothing else about my diet) saved me from surgery and regulated my menstrual cycle. Not saying there’s anything wrong with dairy and eggs, but a person’s health dictates what they should and shouldn’t be eating. I think that Dr. Sunyatta’s fixation with belly-dancing is her misunderstanding that this exercise rather than (tumeric, commonly used in Indian cuisine and linked to the prevention of cysts) is responsible for reproductive health.

  2. Wow, I used to listen to this show four years ago and these same two people got on my nerves for the same reason. I actually posted comments on the website about it.

  3. Sasha says:

    Yes, while I enjoyed some topics Baisden addressed on his show, it became apparent to me that he’s not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. I too questioned some of those “experts.” He even had a couple of those quack infomercial people on awhile back. I know he had the “question mark” guy and I think he might’ve had Gary Trudeau (I think that’s his name). ABC is doing an expose on his dirty dealings tonight.

  4. Alan Barysh says:

    I was banned from a radio station in Washington DC for asking the question is the woman who calls herself “Dr” Sunnyatta Amen a real doctor. The station is WPFW. At a meeting of their local station board I was accused by a J. Winter Nightwolf of “hounding” this doctor. Nothing could be further from the truth. This “Doctor” says I made threats against her daughter/ An ASSociate of hers Joanie Eisenberg backs this up. What I said in fact was a friend of mine Kenny Carroll (Also a purged programer at WPFW) told me his children and the “Doctors” children went to the same school. He confided in me that people who knew this “Doctor” had serious questions about her medical knowledge. I have said this before on the official web site of WPFW that if MR. Nightwolf and MS Eisenberg can not prove this in a court of law they should shut up and apologize to me. My posting on the WPFW web site was removed. So I am stating it here. Should you wish to ask Ms Eisenberg or Mr. Nightwolf about me you may call the station and ask them directly when their shows come on the air. You might ask Mr Nightwolf why he has to yell at me when I attempt to engage in a conversation with him. By the way the person who banned me from WPFW was fired from the station. I might be wrong but I was under the belief he was fired for shady money matters.

  5. Alan Barysh says:

    Enclosed is the exchange of letters between WPFW and Me
    I appreciate your passion about your concerns. This forum is for communications about the station and its mission. This is not a forum for taking sides against individuals, because of this your current posts will be removed.
    If you have comments or information that line up with the missions of the station, please feel free to post. Further discussion on an individual will caused you to no longer be able to post to the site. I am sure that you understand, and I hope to meet you in the future.

    Continued Success!

    Always Be Your Best!
    Michelle Price-Johnson
    Interim General Manager
    1819 L ST NW STE 700
    WASHINGTON DC 20036-3830

    —–Original Message—–
    From: WPFW Connect [mailto:comment-reply@wordpress.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, December 25, 2013 2:04 PM
    To: michelle@wpfw.org
    Subject: [WPFW Connect] Comment: “Sticks and Stones….”

    New comment on your post “Sticks and Stones….”
    Author : Alan Barysh (IP: , pool-71-166-125-159.bltmmd.east.verizon.net)
    E-mail : magoo1917@earthlink.net
    URL :
    Whois : http://whois.arin.net/rest/ip/
    From Answers dot com Is Sunnyatta Amen a real doctor?
    She claims to have a doctorate degree, but she is extraordinarily vague about her real name, background, and -most importantly- her credentials. A complaint has been filed against her with the Washington D.C. Department of Health for claiming to be a medical physician and for practicing (she is a “womb healer”) without proper licensing.
    Why do I raise this? Simple I was banned from the station for the simple reason that I asked this question. The woman who calls herself “DR” Amen said I hounded her off the station. This is a lie she quit because she wanted to! There have been a series of smears against my good name by Joanie Eisenberg (SP?) J Winter Nightwolf and Robert West (who has no right to say anything since his actions say a lot about his character!) They claim I threatened her daughter. Let them prove it in a court of law -or shut up! They claim I bothered “doc” Amens guests. Well when one leaves contact numbers for questions and one asks the “wrong” question that is just tough toe nails! And as far being a threat goes The last time I was at an LSB meeting Jay winter Nightwolf and a buddy of his went postal on me twice. They claimed I made threats to someone-an out right lie-that I will refute under oath in any court of law! These two gentlemen tried to scare me and sat next to me at that meeting. Then later they yelled some more when I wanted to ask the program director a question. This kind of bully boy tactics only make me laugh! I am waiting for Barns and Noble to send me copies of the book How to Win Friends and influence People so that Joanie Jay and and others may join me have a little study group and become best friends for life! in the mean time since i have not caused any physical or mental harm to Doc Amen or her family ever and the ban has been on for well on 5 years-I request a hearing at WPFW and a public apology from Jay his buddies and any one else who wrongfully feels i did wrong. if they have facts let them show them. If for some reason they can’t then they should shut up or confront me in a court of law where I can under oath refute their statements

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